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Getting Back to Blogging

2012 August 1
by Shannon Lowder

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now my job posting blogs have taken over. They were supposed to fill in on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I was supposed to continue blogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That hasn’t worked out. Late last year I began building Hive Mind Consulting. That’s taken up a lot of time!

Well, after a much needed vacation, I’m reading over several bloggers’ “standard schedule” posts and trying to figure out a new schedule for myself. I’m working on finding time to fit in a full time day job, building a consulting business, blogging, studying more, and giving back to the community more than I have been the first half of this year. I know some things will have to be a smaller commitment than I gave previously. But I want to find that balance and give 100% all the time.

That’s just who I am.

Now, let’s work on this schedule! If you have any requests for a blog entry, send them in. I’m always looking for more ideas on what to cover here and on the new Hive Mind blog too.

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