Happy Memorial Day

Three day weekends are great, aren’t they? Extra time away from the office to unwind and spend with your friends and family grilling up a storm. I know I’m ready to get the charcoal going and grill up something awesome!

During this long weekend, take a moment to remember the actual reason we are all ‘celebrating’ – military members who protect us day in and out. Not just the one who’ve already served and sacrificed, but those who are still sacrificing. Consider donating to AnySoldier.com. You can find a soldier on active duty right now and find out some of the little things that they’re missing that remind them of home, simple little things you take for granted. You can pack them up in a shoebox (or a flat rate USPS box) and mail them off in no time. Those few minutes it’d take really would mean a lot to a soldier out there right now.

Another cause that I really want to talk about are homeless vets. Nothing angers me more than to see vets that our society has turned its back on and tried to forget. This isn’t a problem in New York, LA or Miami. This is a problem all across our country. I’ve seen it first hand here in Charlotte.

The Disabled American Veterans has an outreach program to support homeless vets and there are many other groups trying to help the cause as well. I would ask that you find some way to help. It’s not right that these men and women served us, then we forget them. This is a problem we all need to pitch in to help.

Again, enjoy your weekend. Wednesday we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program!

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By Shannon Lowder

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