Building a Better Relationship With Recruiters

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During my career I’ve had an inconsistent relationship with recruiters.  I’ve worked with some really awesome recruiters.  They spent the time to get to know me, they learned what I wanted in a job.  They got to know my short-term and long-term career goals.  By getting to know me, they would often know what jobs I’d be interested in, before even sending them my way.  When I work with recruiters like’s simply awesome!

But then sometimes I’ve worked with recruiters who simply used a piece of software to find a buzzword on my resume and try to hard-sell me on a position that wasn’t a good fit.  It simply wasted both of our time to discuss the position.

I think both sides can work to repair this relationship.  With sites like LinkedIn, ServerFault, and Quora, recruiters can get to know the talent a bit better before calling for the first time.  By looking at what we’re doing, they can learn what we like and don’t like to do before we even speak.  They can see how we work with others in the community.  They can see what skills we have.  They can also learn if we are interested in looking at a new job, before they even pick up the phone.

Now we, as talent, can be a little more open with recruiters.  We can let them know how we want to be contacted.  We can keep our profiles up to date, so they’ll know when we’re in the job hunt, and when we are happy where we are.  We can showcase our skills better by contributing in the community more.  If we both put in a little more effort, we can work together better than we ever have before.

And both sides have to understand what motivates the other.  Most of the time it’s money.  If it’s not, then you need to be more obvious in what it is that motivates you.  That will actually help both sides know how to interact with the other.  I’ll drill more into that idea later.  But for now, I’d like to start a survey.

I’m wanting to know what’s on your mind as talent.  If you could tell recruiters exactly how you want to be treated.  What would you tell them?  I’m starting to work with recruiters to help them approach us more effectively, without simply treating us like a commodity.  I’m going to try and help build a better bridge between our communities.  To do that best, I need more feedback from you.

If you could answer the following two questions.  If an option you’d want isn’t listed, add it in the comments.  If there is something you want the recruiters to know, add that in the comments. And if you want to give me more feedback, leave your contact details in the form, and I’ll follow up with you!



By Shannon Lowder

Shannon Lowder is the Database Engineer you've been looking for! Look no further for expertise in: Business Analysis to gather the business requirements for the database; Database Architecting to design the logical design of the database; Database Development to actually build the objects needed by the business logic; finally, Database Administration to keep the database running in top form, and making sure there is a disaster recovery plan.


  1. Recruiting needs to ensure a good fit between the candidate and the “corporate culture” – ethics, work behaviors, atmopshere. Even with a well-aligned technical skillset for a job, a poor match can result when the candidate’s personality and style don’t mesh with the workplace. This may be difficult to get right, as some subjective factors are at work, but it helps ensure a successful placement.

    Thanks for a good read.

    1. Absolutely it’s important to get that fit in work styles. The closer that relationship between the recruiter and the talent, the more often the recruiter will know when a fit is more likely. There’s work to be done on both sides though. Both on the talent and the recruiter side.

      What else can you think of that needs work?

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