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My Career Path

2010 November 23
by Shannon Lowder

One of the things I’ve tried to do during the past few years of my career is keep up with the recruiters who work in Charlotte, NC.  The way I figure it, I’ll need them sooner or later, so why not do what I can to help them out, even when I don’t need something from them.  It’s my little Pay It Forward, but without Jon Bon Jovi.  To do that I set up a folder in my mail where all job postings go automatically.  I then review the folder and forward those emails to others, or even tweet them to the world.  Anything I can to help these recruiters find people right then.

As 2010 came to an end, the number of job postings I was being sent was extraordinary.  I handed most of them off to people in my network of friends, co-workers, etc.  But then this one, amazing opportunity came along.  One that would require me to do more administration than I had previously.  At least, this time I’d be the one physically implementing my own  HADRON options.  It would push me to put all the skills I had built over the past decade to the test.  I would still be a database engineer (all things to all people… at least as far as databases are concerned), but still more administration would be my personal responsibility.

It was an opportunity I had to take.  An challenge I felt I had to take! So, beginning next Monday I’ll be at a new job.  I’m not sure how much I can speak about it just yet.  I have to discuss my blogging and such with the owner this afternoon.   As soon as we work out the details, I’ll share more.

As I made the decision to start this new role, I took out my career plan and professional development plan for 2010, and checked to see what all I could check off on my list of goals for the year.  I also re-evaluated my plan for the next 5 years.  What can I say, I’m a planner!  I feel like I’m still on the right path, and I also see an opportunity to double my efforts.  I want to share my career finding/building/maintaining skills with everyone else.

I’ve usually been the guy people go to when they feel they’re in a less than perfect job situation.  They ask me to help them dust off their resumes.  They ask me to help them prepare for an interview.  They ask me what they should study (not only in technology, but in personal skills) to prepare for a new role…I want to wrap much of this up into a presentation, and start offering this at SQL user group meetings and possibly at SQLSaturday events.

I can’t wait to share this!  I’ve built the slide deck, and put together a handful of speaking notes.  I’m going to beta it to a few friends over the next month, then I get to learn how to work within the speaker-side of the SQL universe.  Again, this is a challenge I have to take!

If you’re interested in listening to me go on about careers, resumes, and interviews… Let me know, I’d love a chance to tune this presentation to be the best it can be!  Let me know in the comments.

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