SQL Session – What’s new in Katmai (SQL Server 2008)

If you’re not already a member of the Charlotte SQL Server User Group, go now and sign up. This group is a great resource of knowledge and connections to the SQL Server community in Charlotte, NC. Their plan is to get together once a month and discuss a new and interesting topic on SQL Server.

If you missed it, Aaron Bertrand poured out an ocean of information on what’s new with SQL Server 2008.  From new date and time and HierarchyID data types, to new functionality like MERGE and table-valued parameters, Aaron covered it!

If you’d like to try and catch up, the group has published the slide show.  Get your copy of the August 23rd Meeting now!

By Shannon Lowder

Shannon Lowder is the Database Engineer you've been looking for! Look no further for expertise in: Business Analysis to gather the business requirements for the database; Database Architecting to design the logical design of the database; Database Development to actually build the objects needed by the business logic; finally, Database Administration to keep the database running in top form, and making sure there is a disaster recovery plan.

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