Work, work, then some more work.

After the last post, I worked on getting a heating system put into the addition. As of last night, that’s done. It only cost 3 grand. (that’s more than i used to make in 7 weeks) I am ever so thankful to have a job that pays me a good wage. If i was still at Hinrichs there is no way I could have afforded to make my house more comfortable. Wow. I really have no way of expressing this any better.

Other developments at the house include moving the door to the addition 6 feet to the right. The door now is in the living room, rather than the kitchen. This has helped the air flow through the house, and has also given me a much larger kitchen. I still have to sand, and mud the new drywall. Hopefully this weekend I will be done with that, and be ready to put down some primer on those walls.

The water damage to the house may now have a course of action to fix it. The siding that was left on the house before the addition was added needs to be removed. The flashing between the new roof and the old house may have to be re-fit after the siding is removed. And I will have to scrape all the “popcorn” off the ceiling in order to patch it back into shape. Much remains to be done, but much has been accomplished so far.

Hopefully I will show you all my hard work very soon!

Leisure Suit Larry meets Cortana’s Body guard in Halo 3, the ass whippin’

By Shannon Lowder

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